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I will give a short and sweet introduction for plagiarism, why to use plagiarism checker tools and which are efficient, quick and easy to use.

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Free Online Plagiarism Checker:

What is Plagiarism?

In simple words; taking, stealing another person’s

  • Content
  • Conversation
  • Song, Video
  • Idea

as it your own and passing it off.

What is Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism is the process of detection of plagiarism within the document.Plagiarism actually means Copied Text.

Plagiarism detection simply means locating instances of a plagiarism within the work or document.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about plagiarism checker.

 Why do you need to see your content is copied or not?

Plagiarism is a headache for bloggers, content marketers, teachers and students also.

Teachers want plagiarism-free assignments from students.In most of the cases, students copy the content from various blogs and websites.

Survey carried out by psychological records shows that 36 % of undergraduates admitted to plagiarizing written material.

Now students have to go through plagiarism process to prove their written material is 100% original.

However, 15-20 % plagiarism is allowed in most of the institutes because of definitions, mathematical formulas, various laws etc.

Business owners are very concerned about their content. They wanted to have control over the originality of the content.

Bloggers accept a guest posting from freelance writers. So most of the bloggers are concern about the originality of the content.

Because copied content can degrade their reputationquality of the blog and search engine rankings also.

So while accepting the guest post, do check an article is plagiarism free or not.

Some of my blogger friends received mails from peoples, whose content is copied on their blog by freelance writers.

And you pay them, so You should be concern about that.

Do you know that If Google recognizes that your blog has more that 30% copied content, Then you will get penalized?

The conclusion is that, if you are teacherstudentblogger you should often check the originality of the content.

Types of plagiarism [you should know this ]:

Two Types:-

  • Intentional Plagiarism
  • Unintentional Plagiarism

Intentional Plagiarism:-

Someone intentionally copied your own writing, without giving any credit to writer or owner.

Sometimes they pass as if they own that. This is actually what intentional plagiarism means.

Unintentional Plagiarism:-

In this case, content is copied without being aware of it. This usually happens when you write the sentence or something else have traces of plagiarism.

Newbie Bloggers also not aware about plagiarism when they use images on their blog post without giving proper Credit.

Top 25 Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

  1. Grammarly:-Grammarly is our Winner when it comes for PlagiarismChecker, Punctuation Checker, Proofread Content for bloggers, students, and Teachers.

    Many Probloggers suggested me Grammarly.Since 3 months I am using it.

    I must say Grammarly is Amazing.

    Read Our Grammarly Review[Tool that corrects over 250 Grammatical Errors instantly with Plagiarism Check and Vocabulary Enhancement Online | Quick | Easy ]

    Heres what site claims

      Grammarly is World’s Best Online Grammer Checker Tool.

    What Forbes says about Grammarly

    Grammarly quickly compares your original content with 8 Billion pages present on the internet and gives you Report in just a few seconds.

    Accuracy is also important when it comes plagiarism.Grammarly gives accuracy too.

    You can copy or Upload content in plagiarism checker box.It is that easy.

    Other plagiarism Checker tools are bit lower in speed when compared to Grammarly.

    Grammarly also Proofread Your Content. Detects your Grammar mistakes and Display them. You can click on them to correct instantly.

    Grammarly can help You to

    • Proofread Your Content
    • As a Plagiarism Checker
    • Vocabulary Enhancement
    • Can correct Over 250 Grammatical Error instantly
    • You can use Free Grammarly Browser Extention [available on Chrome, Mozilla, Safari] to Check Grammar When writing E-Mail , posting on facebook or updating status on Twitteer.


    The best part is Grammarly free version have Browser Extension and can correct 100 grammatical mistakes.

    Grammarly is a Free Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage.

    Try Grammarly Now..

    Tip: First use free version of Grammarly for few weeks.Give it a try. Then after few weeks you will get 40% discount on Premium version.

  1. WhiteSmoke:-    

Every business should have a competitor. Sometimes the quality of service depends upon how much tough your competitor is. This good for both growth of your business.

WhiteSmoke is a tough competitor for Grammarly.

WhiteSmoke’s Plagiarism Checker is Fast, a Reliable, Accurate that scans billions of webpages online to make sure your text is plagiarism Free.

WhiteSmoke is favourite Online Plagiarism Checker for Teachers.

It also offers following services

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Spell Checker
  • Style Checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Translator
  • Proofreader

3.Plagscan: –

We have placed Plagscan at third Place.Plagscan has earned the trust of institutes around the world, most institutes are native of Germany.

Here’s review of plagscan by plagiarismtoday.

4.SmallSEOTools: –

This is online Plagiarism Checker Tool and You don’t have to download any of the program or software.

Finally , I would suggest Grammarly to you.This is highly recommended for Students, Teachers, and Bloggers.

You should not depend upon one plagiarism Checker because every tool has its own preferences.Always check your text twice, because it’s better to stay safe.

So choose according to your comfort and preference.

If you want to give try for Grammarly. First, try Free Version.

Go to this Link.

After usage of Grammarly for few weeks, you will get 40% off on Premium Version.

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