How to Cancel Bluehost India Hosting & Get A Complete Refund


Bluehost India is the one of the best hosting providing company with the Indian server.

Bluehost is one of the famous hosting servers in the blogging world. Bluehost even loads with great speed of around 10 seconds but there are also other hosting servers who provide better service than Bluehost.

One of the main concern about the Bluehost is that the price of all of its plans are costly and you can get better service within that budget.

But, Bluehost India offers an uptime guarantee of 99% which is a great thing to choose.

Most importantly if you don’t like the service, Bluehost India also provides money back guarantee policy by which you can get a refund after terminating their service.

Also, you can find Bluehost India coupon here.

We will guide you through the process of canceling of the Bluehost India hosting service and also how to get a refund after doing the same.

Follow the below guides to termination and refund from the Bluehost. But, before heading to canceling the hosting service and opting for the refund you need to keep a few things in the mind.

Things to keep in mind before canceling Bluehost hosting service and getting a refund:

  • You can only cancel if you are using any hosting package.
  • You can change the name server to direct it to any other hosting but, the domain will always remain in the Bluehost India server.
  • Ability to transfer your domain to any other domain after 60 days of usage.
  • You will have the ability to cancel the hosting package within the timeline of the first 30 days of the hosting package purchase.
  • You must create a complete backup of your website before canceling the Bluehost hosting package.
  • On Bluehost India, if you are having WordPress site and backup your website then move the site to the new hosting server.

We have created a step by step guide for you, follow these steps to cancel Bluehost India hosting.

Steps to Cancel the Bluehost India hosting:

  1. Go to any web browser and type
  2. Go to Control panel of the Bluehost India hosting website.
  3. Now click on Manage Order > List/Search Orders.


4. Choose the domain you want to cancel and click on that particular domain and click on Delete Order.


bluehost india delete order

5. You will be prompted with confirmation to delete the domain, click on the Proceed button.

bluehost india permanent delete

6.Your request for deletion of the domain will be in the queue and will be completed as soon as the pending request is verified and accepted.

verify bluehost india cancellation

7.Now Contact the support team by using the live chat to validate your deletion request within the 15 days of the request.


You need to contact support within 15 days or else the request will become invalid.

The only bad thing about the Bluehost Hosting is that it takes up lots of time to connect with the Live Char Support Executive.

Sometimes you might be unable to get connected to the Live chat session.

If you were unable to connect to the Live chat support, don’t worry you can still contact them by calling their support team.

There are two numbers to connect with them, the first one is the number of their tech support team: 0824-661-4333 and second one is the number of sales team: 022-712-21660.

You might need to call both of these numbers depending on your package and conditions with the Bluehost hosting India.

But, note that only way to get this done is via Live Chat support as the support will recommend you to connect with the char support.

Once connected explain to them that you want to stop using Bluehost hosting India they will ask you for the reason, give them a valid reason and confirm your statement with your primary domain name and once it’s approved it will take maximum half an hour to cancel your package with Bluehost Hosting India.

After your order is terminated now its time to get a refund of your service which you used in Bluehost hosting India.

Steps to get Bluehost hosting India refund from their website:

  1. Go to any web browser and type
  2. Go to Control panel of the Bluehost India hosting website.
  3. Click on My Billing > Withdraw Funds and you will see the balance in your account.

bluehost india mangae orders4.Request to get the refund of that balance to your bank account and wait for your bank transaction is complete.

5.You can even keep that amount in your Bluehost Hosting India account and use in any of your future domain purchases.

6.Add the amount you want to withdraw in your bank account.

7.A pop-up window will appear select I want to use the money elsewhere and click on Process Refund button.


The Bluehost Hosting India will process your request and you will receive the payment within a few moments.

They will only transfer to the same bank amount from which you have paid them earlier for their service.


Bluehost hosting India is one of the leading hosting company of the blogging industry.

We have covered the topic in the complete guide of the canceling the package and also getting the refund directly to the bank account.

And most importantly if you stuck in these processes you can always contact with the live support chat team or even contact with the support team via phone

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