Why you should Prefer Bluehost India over Bluehost US

Why you should Prefer Bluehost India over Bluehost US

From our couple of day’s research, we have found that many people had been confused, at the time

when they are going for hosting, they are confused between whether they should go for Bluehost India or Bluehost U.S.

It is the question among many people that Bluehost India provides same quality service as the Bluehost U.S Provide.

Recently EIG Group launched Bluehost India for offering localized hosting experience to Indian users.

It is important to have a good hosting from a good company otherwise you will face any problem

While running your website in future as well as in case if you are doing online business on such case also you

Need to have a good hosting provider, so while taking a decision regarding which hosting you will go for, you must take decision carefully.

Bluehost Us is well known for innovating CPU throttling technology in the shared hosting as well as it is also a popular Web hosting Company for WordPress. It also provides environment-friendly (easy to use) WordPress dashboard for managing the website and it also offers free SSL service.

When our website is not popular at that time we do not face any problem (3 months) but after 3 months when our website become popular I started getting much traffic for a day and at that time we face any problem regarding loading the website because at that time I am not having to host from good hosting provider the Web server got down several times a day.

Now Let us discuss should you go for Bluehost India or Not?

If you want to take the decision from us regarding this then we would like to guide you at this time don’t go for Bluehost India rather you can go for Bluehost U.S because Bluehost U.S Provide Environmental Friendly (easy to use) WordPress dashboard for managing the website and it also offers free SSL service.

At present Bluehost, Us is the best web hosting company for WordPress and it ensures that your site will load fast in India Too.

If you want to justify that why one is better (Bluehost India or Bluehost us) then you can go to their official site. From there you can justify which one is better. You can compare both the hosting by reading their features, price, and specification.

I love to see the same facility which Bluehost U.S are providing to their customer the same facility must be provided by the Bluehost India to their customer.

If any friend of your or anyone whom do you know that he or she is using Bluehost India then let us know their experience by commenting below in the comment section.

From our couple of days research, we have found that many people are comparing the price between Bluehost India and BlueHost Us.

I personally believe that pricing difference which is not the right factor for deciding on your hosting options.

The price of Blue host India is slightly cheaper than Bluehost US, But Bluehost India is not offering the same facility which Blue host the US is providing to their customer.

Blue host India when first came into the market we are expecting it to be an Indian version of Bluehost U.S. Like the Blue host US provide cPanel, Server quality, CPU throttling technology & other services to their customer the same facility will be provided by Blue host India To their Indian customer.

The matter of fact regarding this is that blue host India did not provide this facility to their customer.

Because Bluehost India is using Resellerclub to sell hosting & domain packages.

If you don’t know what is Resellerclub then get it to know here, it is basically a Mumbai based company which help the freelancers as well as the individuals to start their own Domain & hosting business.

Bluehost.com is that the most well-liked and widely used web Hosting company having its purchasers globally( all over the world).

The Bluehost.com have normal international payment technique of MasterCard and PayPal, therefore several Indian Bloggers weren’t able to purchase Bluehost as they didn’t have MasterCard however currently the Exclusive Bluehost India net sites permits User to shop for price Effective Bluehost Web Hosting through Debit cards/Credit cards, web banking and even have Offline Deposit payment technique.

I hope that our services have pleased you will, regarding Bluehost India Review still now if you have problem or question regarding this. Then comment down below in the comment section.

We will try to solve it out. Follow us for a more latest update.

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    Can you please tell me does Bluehost provide free SSL certificate?

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